The Experience

What To Expect When You Choose Naked Yoga With Veronika

“I decided to open my Naked Yoga sessions after hundreds of you told me that you have tried gyms, running, fad diets and group classes. The problem is, that afterwards, you just feel worse than you did before you went. You told me that if you could work out with me in private, without clothes in luxury surroundings then you would be pleased to pay for the privilege. So that is exactly what I did”. - Veronika Bozdechova - London.
“Like working out with Pippa Middleton” - Banker from Surrey

My service is for the Gentleman that appreciates the best things in life. If you can identify with just one or two of these things, then you need to book now.

  • You are fed up carrying sweaty workout gear and towels backward and forwards from work.
  • You joined a gym, went a few times, lost motivation and quit.
  • You want something more private than showering with 20 sweaty men
  • You can truly appreciate a beautiful workout partner
  • You need more than what life can offer today.
  • You need to feel special
  • You have forgotten what happiness feels like.
  • You need change but you are not sure where to start
  • You want to break out from the “work, eat,drink, travel, sleep” routine
  • You need a pick-me-up at least once per day but “existing ways” are killing you.
  • You feel it is time you had some “me time”
  • You want to use exercise as a way to watch a beautiful naked woman for enjoyment
“This was a surreal experience - I was too horny to feel tired and too relaxed to feel horny” - Advertising Executive from London.

Here is what will happen when you join me in Naked Yoga with Veronika

  • You will be greeted at the door with a refreshing cold drink to sip as we go along.
  • You will be shown to a private area where you can set yourself free of clothes and you can put on a light fresh robe.
  • Once ready, you can join me on the exercise arena where you will stand facing me on your own clean, dry exercise mat.
  • Then, together, slowly, we will take off our robes and feel the true freedom of Naked Yoga.
  • I will instruct you on breathing techniques and help you to totally relax and enjoy the experience
  • Then I will show you the ten most basic moves in Hatha yoga whilst you watch
  • Once you are ready, we will engage on the most suitable routine for you.
  • I will be beside you at all times and you can indulge in my naked vision whilst creating your own inner peace derived from being at one with the World.
  • The most basic routine lasts for just 45 minutes and then we can warm down gently together whilst maintaining the feeling of utter peace and wellness.
  • At the end of the session we can put back on our robes and you will be able to use the luxury bathing facilities in private.
  • Use our top class toiletries and coconut scented towels to ensure you have the very best experience possible.
  • Finally, you will be able to dress for the day or evening ahead and go back to the World ready for anything it can throw at you.
  • But don’t forget to set your next appointment time. You won’t be able to resist coming back for more.


Veronika is flawless, unmarked and quite beautiful. I didn’t want to leave
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