The Things You Need To Know About Naked Yoga

What sort of Yoga do you practice?

I practice Hatha Yoga. This is the best form of Yoga for beginners to learn because the exercises are gentle, non aggressive and healing. Hatha Yoga can and will give your body a full workout and as we work together over time, your workout will become more and more intense. But we will start together at a slower pace and progress as your body allows.

Are you qualified to teach Yoga?

I am a graduate of the Aura Wellness Yoga College and have all of the necessary knowledge to instruct you in your path to wellness, happiness and health. 

Where is the Yoga class held?

I work in a beautiful studio with wooden floors and mirrors close to London Bridge or Borough tube stations. The exact address will be given via text to your mobile phone when you make and pay for your booking. Email me on: info@veronicayoga.co.uk Phone me: 0773 904 9707 https://twitter.com/VeronicaYogaUK https://www.facebook.com/pages/Veronica-Yoga/480476118721492

Is this a sex service in disguise?

Absolutely not. This is a full exercise workout using Yoga techniques in private with a beautiful naked woman, that loves being naked and intimate with Gentlemen. That is as far as it goes. However, I do go out of my way to make it as sensual as possible for both of us! It would spoil the most beautiful and relaxing experiences of your life if you made it into a full service experience. Please do not ask for sex as refusal often offends!

Are these group classes?

No. This experience is totally personal to you. We will be alone, naked and working together to increase your inner core strength and happiness. I do take group classes at another venues and would be happy to discuss any enrolment needs you have in those classes when we meet.

Are you going to be truly naked?

Yes. I am totally comfortable being naked. I am young, tall, tanned and very fit and totally unmarked and you will be enchanted by my stature during our session together.

Do you offer refreshments?

Yes. Healthy drinks and snacks will be offered at reasonable rates during your visit. so this can replace your normal rushed lunch of a sandwich and a pint and you will feel much better afterwards. Regular customers often ask for specific items to be available and I am always happy to fetch them in for you.

Do you do extras?

I have combined my most sensual naked B2B massage with yoga now. Please ask me about that.  See the most popular offer on the prices page. Unless you mean an extra drink?

Can I book the same time each week?

Yes. Advanced bookings can be made if the block of session bookings is paid for in full in advance. Obviously, this is the only way i can guarantee availability of the times you request as premium sessions in the morning, lunchtime an distraught after work are very busy.

How do I pay for the Yoga?

Email me on: info@veronicayoga.co.uk Phone me: 0773 904 9707 to arrange payment.  I will accept cash on the day, but you really must make sure, that if you book, you will come.  This is done on trust and most of my clients respect my time and always come on time for their booked sessions.  Only, very occassionally, does the odd person let me down. I appreciate that on some rare occassions, life gets in the way of your relaxation, but not letting me know you are not coming is a "yellow card" offence.  Two of those and you get sent off!

What are the terms of booking?

  • Select your times and dates on the calendar provided on the booking page.
  • Confirm session booking by getting in-touch with me via email (preferred).
  • In the event that the session needs to be cancelled 24 hours notice is required. Shorter notice of cancellation will be charged at the full rate.
  • In the unlikely event that I need to cancel I will contact you via email or text (your choice) to make alternative arrangements.

How do I know that you are good to look at?

All of the images on the website are recent images of me.

I am shy. Is this suitable for me?

Our time together is totally exclusive, personal and confidential. I see bodies of all shapes and sizes and every one of my customers will find their own inner beauty. You will not be shy when you are with me.

What happens if I get “excited”

It happens more often than not. When I am doing the Yoga exercises I do tend to show a lot of my body. Men seem to like it. It’s not a problem to me. This is all a natural part of life.

Is this just for men?

No. I do have some female customers. But mostly men. I can’t imagine why!

What are your opening hours?

Opening hours are expanding quickly. I started and only offered early mornings to start. But, as the sessions became booked out I have increased my availability. Take a look at the booking calendars to see available session slots.

What can I expect if I come along the first time?

You can expect to be immersed in a sense of cleanliness, well-being, health and sensual experiences from the time you walk in the door to the time you leave. This is an experience that you will never have encountered before.

Is this service exclusive and confidential?

Totally. I will only ever contact you by the methods you ask. Nobody needs to now you are with me unless you tell them.

Do you offer weekend classes?

Occasionally for regular customers.

Can I recommend it to friends?

Yes. But I prefer if people are only given the address of the studio when the become customers. Tell only your best friends as this is a service you will want to cherish.


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